Miniature Rhino Pattern Club

Miniature Rhino Pattern Club

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Love snail mail & embroidery? Are you trying to be thoughtful about what projects you're bringing into your home? I'm supber excited to share this unique pattern program with a mission! I've designed 6 brand new, bold, graphic & fun stitchable patterns. One pattern will ship bimonthly starting in Feb. Each pattern is silk screened by a local, woman-owned business (Better Than Jam) on all upcycled materials. What does that mean? I'm sourcing quality materials that otherwise might have gone to landfill, so the quantities are limited and the fabrics used for each run of patterns will be different. You'll never get the same thing twice! Fabrics are hand-picked, high-quality and the patterns are super fun to stitch up!

As a maker, I know that the items I make call for new resources to be used. For textiles those resources include a lot of water, labor, energy, and transportation (as most fabrics are made overseas). The most sustainable option when sourcing fabric is to use preexisting materials. So that's exactly what I'm doing! This project is about sharing my original patterns in a considered, thoughtful, low-waste approach to minimize my environmental footprint however possible. I'll carry this into the packaging as well.

Patterns are drawn sashiko-style with dashed lines. The running stitch is ideal for these patterns as it's a very easy, quick stitch. Feel free to stitch these patterns any way you like though! It doesn't have to be used with the running stitch. In fact, I hope you get creative and blow my mind with your creative interpretations!

How does it work?
Join the MR Pattern Club and receive 6 original patterns plus a hand selected thread to match. One pattern will be mailed to you bimonthly. Only available for a limited time until the end of March. Patterns can also be purchased individually as they are released. Club Members will be mailed their pattern as they are released automatically patterns are released. Please note that there are limited quantities of each design.

Patterns can be purchased individually too, but do not come with thread, or free shipping. Find them here

What do MR Pattern Club Members get?
+ A total of 6 original silk screened patterns. One pattern mailed bimonthly starting Feb. 14, 2020 *free shipping*
+ 6 skeins of sashiko thread curated to compliment your fabric. One skein delivered with each pattern. 
+ Simple, easy to follow instructions.
+ Access to tips, ideas for use & DIY projects
+ Mailed in a manila envelope via USPS
*INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: To be able to provide this club service to international friends without breaking the bank for both of us international packages will be mailed without tracking services. Tracking services for international mail is prohibitively expensive. I will not be able to provide tracking and will not be able to cover any missing or undelivered packages. Please note this when deciding to purchase. Thanks!

What do you get with the purchase of an individual pattern? LINK 
+ One original silk screened pattern 
+ Simple, easy to follow instructions.
+ Access to tips, ideas for use & DIY projects

+ Mailed in a manila envelope via USPS

+ The first pattern, shown in the images, will start shipping Feb. 14
+ The remaining 5 patterns will ship bimonthly the first week of April, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec.

Can I purchase this as a gift?
Yes, so kind of you! Just make sure to leave the recipients address in the ship to field, or make note of any specifications during the check out process. You can always shoot me an email too - - please include your order number. Happy to add a gift note too, with the first shipment.

What will I need?
+ needles (I love Olympus Sashiko Needles, but embroidery needles will work great too!)
+ scissors
+ embroidery hoop (totally optional. I don't use one for the running stitching, but I'd love to see you go crazy with embroidery stitches, so it really depending on your preferred stitch style. )

Can I choose my fabric/ thread color?
For this unique pattern program to succeed it relies on your openness to be surprised with the patterns to come, and the fabric (color/content) selected for you. You can see the fabrics in this month's offering above. I love blues, but who knows, maybe I find some great pink linen? I'm not sourcing any new fabrics for this project, which would honestly be much cheaper and easier to do. Sourcing these upcycyled materials is all chance. They are mostly pre-consumer waste, meaning samples and remnants from the commercial textile industry in New York. I really believe in the mission of this project - to reduce my environmental footprint by limiting the resources my work requires, to reduce textile waste, and create a low waste product. I'm excited to create & offer something so special, thoughtful, and totally unique. Since there's a lot of chance in what quality materials I can source, and how much is available I'm not able to predict fabric quantities for each pattern run. I'm making sure to choose materials I'd be excited to receive, but am unable to offer options for specific color/fabric (and thread) selections. That said, if there's a color you love or truly dislike, let me know in your order notes & I will do my best! Thank you for being open to this labor or love, to being surprised, and supporting my work!

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